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Bio Safety Cabinet comes with Cabinet Class II with open front design and functions as negative pressure generation module, providing recirculation of mass flow of HEPA filtered air that offers optimum protection to users, products as well as the surrounding environment. Other than this, the other options includes totally closed bio safety cabinet class III that is a ventilated enclosure with air tight construction and allows experiments/procedures to beperformedusingrubbergloves. 

Features :

·         Bio Safety Cabinets designed to i maintain negative pressure of 0.5" or more

·         Fresh air supply taken inside enclosure using specially designed as well as high efficiency air filter support with exhausted air of unit passed through two modules of strategically placed HEPA filters in series connection

·         Air made to pass through two filters before getting discharged in environment

·         Bio safety cabinets featuring self sustained exhaust system with units made of mild steel powder coated, stainless steel and wooden laminated finish

·         Side panels constructed using heavy plexi glass sheets coming mounted onanodized aluminum frames

·         Complete unit provided with manometer support for gauging pressure drop in unit while in operations

·         System also backed by efficient functioning power socket, gas cock / vacuum cock and fully washable synthetic pre-filter units for efficient working performance support

·         Support of secondary air filters constructed using mini pleated non woven fabric with efficiency ratings of 99.99% at dop (cold) and 99.97% at dop (hot)

·         Units coming with capacity to hold suspended particles of size > 0.3 micron

·         Bio safety cabinets also featuring use of optimally static & dynamic balanced motor and blower support

·         Units provided with suitable illumination support at work table through presence of fluorescent lights panel coming concealed at upper portion of unit

·         System also featuring support of ultra violet light of optimal wattage that comes fixed in illumination panel and meets the process requirements of sterilizing air present in enclosure

Specifications :

MOC Cabinet

Wooden Laminated /Mild Steel Powder Coated / Stainless Steel

Main Filter

HEPA Filter (99.97% Efficient At 0.3 Micron Particles)


Washable Synthetic Pre-Filter


UV Germicidal Tube


Fluorescent Tube

Front Door

Sliding Door Plexiglass


Analogue Type

Size Working Bench

600mm x 600mm x 600mm
900mm x 600mm x 600mm
1200mm x 600mm x 600mm
1800mm x 600mm x 600mm

No. Of HEPA Filter

1, 2

Electric Supply

AC 230V, 50/60Hz