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BOD Incubator

Most versatile for Biochemical Oxygen Demand determination .Castor wheel mounted cabinet is double walled  with inner chamber of S.S outer wall of M.S sheet duly powder coated .The gap of 75 mm between  the outer and inner wall is filled with special grade glass wool to prevent the thermal losses. Triple walled back of unit is filled with two air circulation fans for maintaining  temperature . Uniformly throughout the chamber full view inner glass door permits inspection of specimens ,without disturbing the same. Lock and key arrangement is provided in the double walled outer door unit is fitted with door operated illumination lamp inside the chamber .Refrigerating unit is formed by ISI marked compressor the front panel is provide with separate indicator lamps for main, heating and incoming voltage supplied complete with 3 shelves ,card and plug to work on 220/230 volt A.C

Supply .Temperature from 5oc to60oc is controlled by Solid Electronic Digital Temperature  Indicator Cum Controller with an accuracy of +/-0.5oc

       Size Inner (WxDxH)

              455mm x 410mm x 610mm 
              505mm x 415mm x 830mm
              570mm x 550mm x 875mm 
              650mm x 580mm x 900mm

              700mm x650mm x 900mm


          4 Cft, 6.1 Cft, 10 Cft, 12 Cft, 15Cft


          113 L, 173 L, 282 L, 342 L, 490L




(a)   Microprocessor based PID controller with audio visual alarm system

(b)   Humidity system can also be provide in all model and size

(c)  Light system by interior illumination with 3 fluroscent tube 60cm long (20 watss placed  vertical along with back wall temp can be obtained 10o to 50 o C  when all tubes are on timer 0-24 hrs for regulating cycles illumination contidition fixed on top of the chamber   

(d)   Arrangement for Incubation of CO2 air mixture

(e)   Electronic Digital Temperature and Humidity Controller combined

(f)    Automatic Voltage Stabilizer 3KVA

(g)   Digital timer