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Microprocessor Flame Photometer. It is used for testing the Na, K, Ca, Li . This use the latest micro controller technology and advanced engineering techniques so as to give enhanced and reproductibility . They have soft touch key for ease of operations

Technical Specification

Range                                                      Na : 0-100ppm  uptp 250meq/l  1:100 dil,
                                                                    K  : 0-100ppm  uptp 250meq/l  1:100 dil,
                                                                   Ca : 0-100ppm  uptp 250meq/l  1:100 dil,
                                                                   Li  : 0-100ppm  uptp 250meq/l  1:100 dil,

Sensitivity                                         Na: 0.1 ppm, K -0.01 ppm, Ca- 0.5ppm, Li -10ppm
Optical management                     Simultaneous analysis of 3 elements
Filter                                                  Microprocessor Controlled Stepper motor with       
Selection                                          0.5KVA stabilizer

Units                                                 ppm, mg and % age selectable
Reproductivity                                  +/-1%FS and +/- 1 digits
Curve fit accuracy                           +/- 2% FS
Display                                            Large LCD display 20X4 lines graph through RS-232

Aspiration                                        4-5 seconds
Time scale range                           0-to 100 % sensitivity for full scale
Flame system                               LPG & Dry oil free air
Detector                                           Photodiode

Calibration                                      Upto 5 point calibration and curve fitting software
Gas control                                     Adjustable with Knob
Ignition                                             Auto Ignition
System fuel gas                             LPG

Burner                                              Stainless Steel
Dimensions                                    365x245x200 mm Approx  ( LxBXH)
Printer                                               Provision for attach DOT- Matrix printer of HP Laserjet /Inkjet
Air compressor                               with built in regulator & air filter to deliver stable and moisture
                                                           oil free supply at 1kg/cm3

Air supply                                        By oil free mini compressor unit with pressure regulator
Weight                                              main unit 8 kg approx compressor 6.5 kg approx
Power supply                                  95 to 270V AC 50-60Hz inbuilt stabilizer